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United Kingdom 
Country Directory

Bunker suppliers in United Kingdom - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Aegean North West Europe (St. Job In't Goor)
ASCO Fuel & Lubricants (Aberdeen)
Certas Energy Ltd. (Warrington)
CPL Petroleum Ltd. (Chesterfield)
Emo Oil Ltd. (Belfast)
ExxonMobil (Southampton)
F. Peart & Company Ltd. (Hartlepool)
Geos Group (Henley-on-Thames)
Gulf Petrochem Ltd (London)
Henty Oil Ltd. (Liverpool)
Highland Fuels Ltd. (Inverness)
Inver Energy (UK) Ltd. (Cardiff)
LHD Marine Supplies Ltd. (Lerwick)
Local Fuel plc (Brighton)
Maritime Bunkering Ltd. (Hull)
Meekin Fuel Group (Templepatrick)
Mersey Bunkering (Runcorn)
Monjasa A/S (Fredericia)
OilChart Offshore Ltd (London)
Portland Bunkers UK Ltd. (Portland)
Rix Petroleum (Hull) Ltd. (Hull)
Rix Petroleum (Scotland) Ltd. (Montrose)
Rix Petroleum Ltd. (Immingham)
Standard Fuel Oils Ltd. (Liverpool)
Stena Oil AB (Gothenburg)
Topaz Energy Ltd. (Dublin)
Wessex Petroleum Ltd. (Southampton)

Marine lubricant suppliers in United Kingdom - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Castrol Marine Ltd. (Reading)
Certas Energy Ltd. (Warrington)
Highland Fuels Ltd. (Inverness)
Rix Petroleum (Hull) Ltd. (Hull)
Rix Petroleum (Scotland) Ltd. (Montrose)
Rix Petroleum Ltd. (Immingham)
Standard Fuel Oils Ltd. (Liverpool)
Topaz Energy Ltd. (Dublin)
Total Ltd. (Luton)
Wessex Petroleum Ltd. (Southampton)

Country News

21 Jun 2017 13:21 GMT  Wartsila confirms 'no detrimental effect' on engine during MSAR fuel trial: Quadrise
Wartsila says further assessments during testing would be required to issue a full LONO. In Full

15 Jun 2017 06:42 GMT  Gulf Petrochem launches first UK physical bunker supply operation
UAE firm follows up launches in Rotterdam and Antwerp with MGO offering on the River Thames. In Full

09 Jun 2017 06:49 GMT  Wartsila produces draft MSAR interim LONO: Quadrise
Letter of no objection in the process of being reviewed by Maersk, says emulsion technology firm. In Full

22 May 2017 09:23 GMT  ITIC and ASG launch new surveyors' indemnity wording
New wording is designed to 'address the imbalance between owners' and surveyors' responsibilities'. In Full

22 May 2017 08:41 GMT  Wartsila MSAR fuel LONO expected in May: Quadrise
Quadrise says LONO from Wartsila will help support its business development activities. In Full

17 May 2017 11:18 GMT  Parker Kittiwake launches 'definitive guide to fuel and lube oil'
Manual provides guidance on selection, purchase, use, and monitoring of fuels and lubes. In Full

16 May 2017 09:28 GMT  ICS to propose IMO adopts 'aspirational' CO2 reduction objectives
Association to suggest objectives are adopted as part of IMO's CO2 reduction strategy, to be agreed in 2018. In Full

05 May 2017 10:43 GMT  Geos extends bunker supply capacity with delivery of new vessel
The Thun Grace has been taken on long-term time charter from Thun Tankers. In Full

27 Apr 2017 12:35 GMT  Brokers urged to avoid costly communication failings
Brokers advised to ensure they have systems in place so that key instructions are passed on to principals. In Full

20 Apr 2017 07:07 GMT  Princess Cruise Lines fined $40m for dumping oily waste and cover-up
Illegal practices found to have taken place on five Princess ships. In Full

04 Apr 2017 00:02 GMT  Huge jump in electrically driven, LNG-ready newbuild orders in 2017: Clarksons
Clarksons data shows how the technology and fuel used to power newbuild ships is changing. In Full

03 Apr 2017 10:55 GMT  KPI Bridge Oil moves head office to City of London
Bunker firm had been based in Westminster for nine years. In Full

28 Mar 2017 13:46 GMT  Quadrise confirms two-shift production at Cepsa refinery
Manufacturing unit at San Roque switched to 24-hour production in January. In Full

23 Mar 2017 09:47 GMT  Saga Cruises awards hybrid scrubber contract
Yara Marine Technologies to supply newbuild ferry, with an option for a second vessel. In Full

21 Mar 2017 13:08 GMT  Operators urged to take soundings in wake of Singapore piping 'irregularities'
Vessel operators advised to also use a 'reputable' bunker surveyor. In Full

16 Mar 2017 08:35 GMT  Neil Lamerton launches bunker broking business
New company also offering technical advice, risk management, consultancy and dispute resolution services. In Full

10 May 2017 14:12 GMT  Construction of UK's first dual-fuel ships nears milestone
First ship approaching 75% steelwork fabrication, second vessel following closely behind. In Full

09 Mar 2017 15:41 GMT  LNG Gorskaya in UK tie-up to attract bunker project financing
Company aims to finance the construction of LNG bunkering hubs in northern Europe. In Full

02 Mar 2017 12:53 GMT  ClassNK receives EU MRV accreditation from UKAS
Classification society gets green light from UK accreditation body. In Full

27 Feb 2017 08:10 GMT  CO2 cuts hard to achieve without alternative fuels: ICS
ICS chairman sets out plan for CO2 reduction. In Full

21 Feb 2017 10:09 GMT  IBIA celebrates 24th Annual Dinner
Association introduces new chief executive and board members. In Full

10 Feb 2017 09:01 GMT  Certas Energy launches Thames distillate facility
UK supplier offering MGO by pipeline and truck. In Full

09 Feb 2017 10:52 GMT  IBIA appoints Justin Murphy as new chief executive
Murphy to succeed Peter Hall as chief executive on 13th February. In Full

26 Jan 2017 11:09 GMT  IBIA updates articles and bylaws
Changes designed to ensure rotation and give new board members the opportunity to be elected. In Full

26 Jan 2017 09:53 GMT  Institute of Bunker Buyers and Consumers joins IBIA
Integration is expected to give buyers a stronger voice within the industry. In Full

18 Jan 2017 12:51 GMT  PPR4 sulphur cap talks 'particularly important', says IMO chief
Kitack Lim applauds work carried out on the prevention of air pollution from ships. In Full

17 Jan 2017 10:26 GMT  Global sulphur cap on the agenda at IMO's PPR4
Meeting to consider what additional measures may be needed for the implementation of the 0.5% cap. In Full

17 Jan 2017 07:20 GMT  Simplex-Turbulo named distributor of Parker Kittiwake's bunker products
Experienced bunker specialist Darren Middleton forms part of UK-based sales team. In Full

16 Jan 2017 10:41 GMT  KPI Bridge Oil appoints trading manager in London
Senior trader Mark Perrins is promoted to new role. In Full

05 Jan 2017 10:48 GMT  Shipping will find ways to ride out downturn, says consultancy
Moore Stephens says shipping will use a mixture of experience and innovation to navigate what it expects to be a volatile year. In Full

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